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California State Insurance Program Participation Increases 18.9%

The CLCA, California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program saw an increase of approximately 18.9% in 2009. California’s insurance commissioner Steve Poizner is pleased to find that drivers in the state are turning to the program during hard economic times. Little coverage is much better than no coverage at all.

In 2008, 6,306 applicants were approved and in 2009 this number jumped up to 7,500 approved applicants. There are some guidelines for eligibility. Drivers must not have more than one moving violation or accident within the prior 3 years. Applicants must also fit within certain income guidelines to participate. To read more about the requirements you can find the original release here.

Remember, by law every California driver must be able to provide proof of financial responsibility in order to drive legally. So what happens if you make too much money to be eligible for the low income auto insurance program but are still struggling financially? If you do not fit within the requirements you may want to compare quotes between multiple companies to find the company willing to insure you for the least amount of money. This has proven to be the best way to save money on car insurance. Check out some more proven strategies you can use to save money on California auto insurance.

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