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Is The State Health Exchange Moving Forward For Florida?

It certainly appears so. However, Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, told health officials on Friday that he is not convinced that a state health exchange will reduce the cost for the state of Florida. He also is worried that that actual costs could very well exceed this programs early estimates.

In an attempt to help the approximate 4 million uninsured Floridians, Governor Scott requested to meet with federal health officials in hopes to set up the state health exchange, but says he must get more information on the exchange prior to making his final decision.

Scott says “We also have a responsibility to work toward these goals without making things worse for Florida families by driving up costs without doing anything to increase access or quality,”

Scott also noted start up and projected costs estimated by the state of Illinois, a state which has a very similar demographic of uninsured population. These set-up costs and projected cost from 2011 through 2013 was estimated at $92.3 million for the state of Illinois. Governor Scott also included his take on how costs could increase from along with enrollment in 2015. This increase can start from $57.4 million and skyrocket to $88.6 million.

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