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    Wyoming Car Insurance Quotes

    The minimum basic car insurance requirements in Wyoming are as follows:

    The State Minimum Wyoming liability limits are 25/50/20
    (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
    25/50/20 Explained:

    The first 25 represents $25,000, the maximum coverage for one person’s injuries, $50,000 for the total coverage for all injuries sustained in one incident and last but not least $20,000 for the property damage maximum coverage amount. This basic car insurance requirement is the minimum amount of coverage you will need to drive legally in Wyoming. Although this is the lowest car insurance coverage you can purchase, you may want to consider going with a bit more coverage to help protect yourself from financial loss.

    The question you must ask yourself is, Is this going to be enough if something happens? After much research, we’ve found only small increases with shoppers who select higher liability limits. Wyoming auto insurance coverage is meant to be purchased for the Driver’s own financial protection, not to be purchased
    for the sole reason of keeping the state satisfied. It’s smart to search for low auto insurance in Wyoming, not less insurance.

    Wyoming Insurance Discounts

    Are you spending over $2000 on auto insurance. You may want to consider combining two vehicles on the same policy or two insurance needs with the same company. Often times Drivers in Wyoming can save up to 15% on auto insurance by purchasing your homeowners insurance with the same insurance company. Renters can also see a reduction in the insurance rate when adding a renters policy to be combined with the auto policy.

    If you’re in the position to pay for a 6 month policy up front, you can save a lot of money by purchasing your auto insurance policy this way. Many companies are now offering annual policies.

    One other way you can get a lower auto insurance rate is by raising your deductible, the amount you pay out of pocket prior to collecting on a claim. Make sure to select a deductible that you can manage to pay out of pocket if at any moment a loss occurs.

    Wyoming Car Insurance Laws:
    Insurance proof is required at Registration/After an Accident/When Driving First Offense Penalty:
    Jail sentence up to six months, fine up to $750.

    Compare Wyoming car insurance quotes online is one of the best and easiest ways Wyoming Drivers can save on their vehicle’s insurance coverage. Learn more saving tips for getting low car insurance in WY by clicking here.

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