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    The basic Car Insurance Requirements in Texas are as follows:

    Liability Insurance is a minimum requirement and a low cost car insurance option as long as the vehicle is not financed.

    The liability Minimums are 25/50/25 (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
    25/50/25 Explained:

    The first 25 represents $25,000, the maximum coverage for one person’s injuries, $50,000 for the total coverage for all injuries sustained in one incident and last but not least $25,000 for the property damage maximum coverage amount.

    Texas Car Insurance Laws:
    Insurance proof is a requirement at registration and of course after an accident. The First Offense is a $175 – $350 fine.

    Texas Car Insurance – Important News

    As of right now an estimated 15 to 20% of all drivers within the State of Texas are uninsured. For those driving insured, it may be time to increase “uninsured” and “underinsured” motorist coverage. These statistics are saying if you get in an accident and it’s not your fault, there is a 15% chance the other motorist has no insurance to cover your losses. This is very scary. The State of Texas recently developed a new way to allow law enforcement the ability to know whether a car is insured or uninsured. This new technology with be able to immediately verify the driver’s Texas auto insurance status. No more, “I left my insurance card at home”.

    If you’re currently driving uninsured consider at least picking up the state minimum coverage to protect yourself from financial risk and high cost court fees. Texas state minimum (liability only) be the first best step any uninsured motorist can take and the truth is state minimum coverage is within reach for any driver living on a tight budget.

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