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    The basic Car Insurance Requirements in North Carolina are as follows:

    Liability Insurance is a minimum requirement and a low cost car insurance option as long as the vehicle is not financed.

    The liability Minimums are 30/60/25 (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
    30/60/25 Explained:

    The first 30 represents $30,000, the maximum coverage for one person’s injuries, $60,000 for the total coverage for all injuries sustained in one incident and last but not least $25,000 for the property damage maximum coverage amount.

    North Carolina Car Insurance Laws:
    Insurance proof is a requirement at registration and of course after an accident. The First Offense penalty is a $50 fine, 30 day suspension of driver’s licence.

    North Carolina Car Insurance Continued…

    North Carolina’s State minimum auto insurance coverage requirement is considered to be more on the high end compared to many states. However, hospital bills a driver must pay from being in a crash can get extremely high if the other driver you hit has to go through multiple surgeries or they need help learning to walk again. North Carolina Drivers can usually get a higher liability limit on their policy without it costing too much more.

    Low car insurance in North Carolina

    A Driver should only purchase the coverage they need on a policy. If you can afford to choose a higher deductible, this will also help lower your rates. Never choose a deductible you will not be able to come up with in the event you are in a collision. There are a number of Insurance Carriers providing auto insurance in North Carolina who will offer discounts for low insurance if you attend and complete an approved traffic safety course. These courses will give you a Certificate of Completion which you can provide to your insurance provider. Not all Insurers have discount programs for attending a safety course so it’s important to get in touch with your NC Insurance Agent to see if attending a class can help you. Also while on the subject of discounts, it’s a good idea to ask the Insurer of any other programs available for additional discounts on your auto insurance policy.

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