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    Liability Auto Insurance in Minnesota

    Understand what exactly your liability insurance pays for and why it’s important to select limits that will cover you in the event you are negligent in an auto accident.

    If you make a wrong move and negligently cause an accident, you’re liability coverage is what pays out for these damages you cause to another driver. The state of Minnesota requires drivers have 30/60/10 liability limits. What does this mean. Well, the first 30/60 refers to bodily injury. Up to $30,000 will be paid out to one person you injure in an accident if you are found negligent. Up to $60,000 will be paid out total for all injuries you may cause another party if you’re found at-fault. The “10″ is for property damage. If you are negligent for totaling out a newer vehicle worth over $10,000, it is the other drivers option to take you to court for the remaining amount left unpaid if $10,000 of liability property damage is all you have. If you don’t have money to pay out for the unpaid property damage the other Driver may try to obtain some of your assets to help deal with the loss that wasn’t covered by your auto policy.

    Liability and Bodily Injury

    The same thing goes for the bodily injury portion of your policy. The cost of health care and hospitalization is extremely high. If you put a working parent into the hospital, your liability coverage will need to take care of the hospitalization and loss income. How far will $30,000 take you in the event of a bad auto collision. My sister was in a bad auto collision where she ended up needing pins in her knee. When all was said and done, her hospitalization costs where around $80,000.

    Raising your auto liability limits isn’t really too expensive. For a few extra dollars a month you can lift these minimum state required limits from 30/60/10 to 100/300/50 and you may select an even higher liability limit if you like.

    Low Cost Car Insurance in Minnesota

    For lower car insurance rates in Minnesota you need to focus more on discounts, not your liability limits.

    Putting two cars on a single policy is a great way to lower your premium compared to having two cars on two separate policies.

    If you own your own home why not combine your home and cars with one company. Huge discounts come to Minnesota homeowners who take this approach.

    Lets go paperless. EFT or electronic funds transfer is a better way to set up your monthly insurance payments. EFT isn’t only safer for the environment, it saves the insurance company the trouble of sending and receiving bills/payments. By going paperless most Insurance companies will add a discount to your insurance policy.

    Comparison shop for your Minnesota car insurance. Begin shopping at least a few weeks prior to your existing expiration date. You will see better rate quotes this way compared to shopping on your expiration date.

    If your a Local Agent and run an Independent Insurance Agency within the state of Minnesota, we would like to get to hear about the services you offer. Introduce your Company to us by contacting us today.
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