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    The basic Car Insurance Requirements in Louisiana are as follows:

    Liability Insurance is a minimum requirement and a low cost car insurance option as long as the vehicle is not financed.

    The liability Minimums are 10/20/10 (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
    10/20/10 Explained:

    The first 10 represents $10,000, the maximum coverage for one person’s injuries, $20,000 for the total coverage for all injuries sustained in one incident and last but not least $10,000 for the property damage maximum coverage amount.

    Louisiana Car Insurance Laws:
    Insurance proof is a requirement at registration and of course after an accident. The First Offense penalty is $50 reinstatement, license plate confiscation.

    Louisiana Insurance

    To better protect yourself, consider raising your liability limits up from the state minimum required for Louisiana auto insurance coverage. Compared to other states, 10/20/10 liability limits are on the low side. Insurance is for your financial protection. Often times, in more serious auto collisions $10,000 will not cover one person’s injuries as well as property damage. Most newer cars are listed in the $20,000 range. If you are shopping for auto insurance in Louisiana on an older vehicle, instead of insuring your car with the state minimum you may want to consider raising your deductible, dropping comprehensive and collision and asking your agent if there are any additional discounts you may be eligible.

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