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    The Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Delaware are as follows:

    Liability Insurance is a minimum requirement and a low cost car insurance option as long as the vehicle is not financed.

    The liability Minimums are 15/30/10 (Bodily Injury and Property Damage)
    15/30/10 Explained:

    The first 15 represents $15,000, the maximum coverage for one person’s injuries, $30,000 for the total coverage for all injuries sustained in one incident and last but not least $10,000 for the property damage maximum coverage amount.

    Delaware Auto Insurance – Think Discounts

    Delaware’s minimum liability requirement has dangerously low limits. It will only cost a little extra to increase the State’s minimum liability limits. In some rare cases the premium actually goes down when you select a higher limit. most cars on the road are worth well over $10,000 which means if you are negligent in an car accident, chances are your liability insurance won’t cover the entire loss. Remember, there are several auto insurance discounts available to Delaware Drivers. Getting the coverage that will protect is priority one.

    Delaware Car Insurance Laws:

    Insurance proof is a requirement at registration and of course after an accident. The First Offense Penalty Can be up to a $2,000 fine and suspension of license for 6 months

    Delaware Car Safety

    Delaware drivers currently still hold the right to use a cell phone while driving. However this is not recommended. If you must talk on the phone, it’s a good idea to use a headset while driving. For drivers with learners permits, state law forbids the use of cell phones while driving.

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