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2000 Toyota Tacoma Insurance Cost Review, Commerce East Waterford, PA


Provided below is a shared insurance cost review for a 2000 Toyota Tacoma, insured with Commerce by a 45 Married Male of East Waterford PA.

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Shared Tacoma Cost Review:
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Driver Details

  • Company: Commerce
  • 6 Month Cost: 600
  • Vehicle: 2000 Toyota Tacoma
  • Ben owns 1 other vehicle(s)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Coverage: Average Liability with Collision/Comprehensive
  • Tickets (Last 5 Years) 0
  • Accidents (Last 5 Years) 0
  • Driver Location: East Waterford, PA
Company Review/Comments

Good coverage

Additional Details:



How much is insurance for a Tacoma?

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Ben, 45 of PA pays 600 every six months with Commerce
Average Liability with Collision/Comprehensive, # of vehicles owned 1
Primary Vehicle: 2000 Toyota Tacoma
Tickets (Last 5 Years) 0
Accidents (Last 5 Years) 0