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2002 Volvo V70 Insurance Cost Review

V70 Insurance Cost Reviews

Featured below is a shared cost review for a 2002 Volvo V70, insured with State Farm by a 38 year old Married Female of Irvine CA.

Driver Details

  • Company: State Farm
  • 6 Month Cost: $368
  • Vehicle: 2002 Volvo V70
  • Sammy owns 2 vehicle(s)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Coverage: Average Liability with Collision and Comprehensive
  • Tickets (Last 5 Years) 0
  • Accidents (Last 5 Years) 0
  • Driver Location: Irvine, CA

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Other Owner Comments

For a 10 y/o car, this one is great. One owner, 120K miles. Drives like a dream, has plenty of space, and most importantly, I feel safe driving it. The bad: Dash cup holder won’t retract, had to velcro right reflector back on the side of the car and the lid to the compartment between the seats was designed to break and the volume knob stripped out (luckily, I can use the steering wheel controls). I look forward to getting at least 100K miles out of this car.


After 4 years and 50K+ miles I still love this car. It is a joy to drive. Seat comfort is superb. I can drive for hours with no back ache. Braking system is superb. This is the non-turbo model and has plenty of pep with the 5 speed auto transmission. 32 MPG highway at 70 mph. About 22-23 in the city. Repairs and scheduled maint are expensive at the dealer!! Find a good independent garage and stick to the maintenance schedule. You will save lots of $$. Change the trans fluid every 40K miles, the claimed lifetime trans fluid interval is baloney. The cost of a new tranny will make you cry!