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Standard Iowa Auto Insurance

There Are Specific Situations Covered by a Standard Iowa Auto Insurance Policy

An automotive coverage policy usually covers the following:

1. Any injuries and damages to persons that you are responsible for causing.
2. Damages caused by hit-and-run or an uninsured driver.
3. Damages caused by an underinsured driver without adequate coverage.

Other vehicular coverage may pay for these things:

1. Damage that is the result of a collision.
2. Comprehensive covers damage that is caused by something other than a collision.
3. Payment for medical treatment in case you or a family member is hurt riding in or getting in and out of your vehicle.
4. Damage caused by fire, weather conditions, theft or vandalism.

Additional coverage may or may not be included:

1. Flood damage.
2. Hurricane damage.
3. Earthquake damage.
4. Any other event that is listed in your policy.
5. Renting a car to use when yours is out of commission.
6. Towing insurance.

Unless specified on your policy, automotive insurance does not cover:

1. Stereo system, CD player, GPS navigation system, cell phone (unless permanently installed in the car.
2. Driving your automobile in Mexico.
3. Driving for business reasons.
4. Maintenance on your car.

Generally a Homeowners’ Insurance policy in Iowa covers:

Often coverage will include coverage for fire, wind, hail or vandalism. This is for the primary residence or any other home you designate. It will cover the attached garage and other attached structures.

The contents will be covered including furniture, clothes and personal belongings such as electronic equipment and computers, for example.

Expenses for a place to live, food and some other necessities when damage keeps you from living in your primary residence.

Personal liability: Provides coverage for you and permanent household members if you, or they, unintentionally injure someone or cause damage to their property.

Medical payments: Pays for medical treatment for those person(s) injured in an accident with you.

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