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Auto Insurance Regulations in Idaho

Automotive insurance is sold at a high cost. It is an expense that is necessary and every driver should have it. Cars are expensive to repair after a collision. Medical care is even higher in cost. Both these factors are causing insurance rates to go up higher and higher. The most notable increase is in the coverage for liability. This pays for bodily injury and property damage. Part of the insurance being so expensive is the added legal costs.

The premiums charged by the insurer are affected by more than one factor. A premium has a “base rate” and is adjusted by your age, marital status, and gender, driving record, kind of car you drive and whatever claims you may have filed in the past. Each type of car carries a different base rate and the same is true for each geographic area in which you live. The costs for each category are pretty much the same from one company to another.

Idaho’s Homeowners Insurance Policies

What affects home insurance rates and what amount should I designate as the “deductible on my policy? The deductible is the amount you pay for each claim before the insurance covers the damages. This only applies to coverage on your home and the personal property within. It is also called an out-of-pocket cost. For example, if you have a $500 deductible policy, you pay the first $500 towards damages. As you would expect, if you raise the amount of deductible, you will pay lower premiums for your policy.

The cost of you premiums is decided on the following factors:

  • Materials used to build your house. For example, frame houses may carry a higher premium than brick houses.
  • How old your house is. Some companies do not insure older homes. The ones that do, charge a higher premium for them. Conversely, new homes qualify for a discounted premium in some states.
  • Fire protection in your area. If you are close to a fire hydrant you will be assessed a lower premium. If your fire department is professional rather than volunteer, you will be assessed a lower premium.
  • The amount of coverage you purchase will affect the price. You should not add the value of the land itself when determining the cost of replacing your home.
  • A higher deductible amount means you will be charged a smaller premium.
  • Whether or not you smoke.
  • Whether or not you have deadbolt locks and a security system.

Ask your insurance agent about discounts. Some companies offer a lower rate when you insure both automobile and home with them.

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