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Auto Insurance in Hawaii

In Hawaii there is insurance called “no-fault” automotive insurance. This term means your automotive vehicle insurance policy will pay all expenses for your injuries to the maximum amount allowed for personal injury protective benefits (PIP limits). It will also pay for those of your passenger(s). In the absence of severe personal injuries, you can’t be sued. The term “no fault” applies only to injuries. It does not apply to property or the vehicle. The driver who is at fault will pay for the damages to the car and property.

At a minimum, your automotive insurance must have $10,000 worth of coverage for you, and anyone riding with you, in personal injury coverage. This is so it will cover medical expenses, including the cost of any needed rehabilitative costs.

The coverage that is mandatory must also cover $20,000 per person to a total of $40,000 per accident for injury to your person and having $10,000 coverage per incidence in liability for damage to property. These amounts compensate the party who is injured when you are found at fault for that incident. You may want to purchase the following protection:

  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Uninsured
  • Underinsured
  • Loss of wages
  • Alternative medical care – acupuncture, naturopathy, faith healing
  • Death benefits ($25,000 – $100,000 coverage)
  • Funeral benefits, ($2,000 coverage)
  • PIP deductible
  • PIP managed care

Hawaii Homeowners Insurance Coverage

A homeowner’s insurance policy provides the maximum in comprehensive coverage. It will not, however, cover the consequences of a hurricane, flood or earthquake because they are considered natural disasters.

The homeowners’ insurance policy will pay expenses incurred for residential damage to house and garage plus any other structures on the property. Plus, it covers loss of furniture and your personal property caused by theft, fire or wind damage while you are home or off the property you own. Additionally, it covers the expense of living elsewhere, for example rental units such as a motel, during days when repairs on the house are being made.

Homeowners’ insurance gives liability protection in a case of bodily harm or damage to property caused by you because of negligence. This means both incidents that occur in the house and out on the grounds. It also means damage for which you are responsible when you are off the property you own is covered.

If injuries are caused to people who are in your home, other than to you or your family, it pays for that. The coverage is also to provide payment of medical care claims. It is going to cover injuries when they occur in other places that you cause, a member of your family causes if they live with you or damage caused by your pet, a dog bite for example. Only limited amounts are paid for loss of gold, jewelry, coin collections and stamp collections.

A supplement to your basic policy is hurricane insurance. This will pay for any damage due to winds by a hurricane. Your lending institution makes this hurricane insurance mandatory before granting your request to obtain a mortgage in Hawaii. Flooding is another exception that is not covered in a basic policy. You would have to buy additional coverage specifically for flooding damage. The flood insurance is a federally-back policy that is available to homeowners and businesses. It is purchased through the government.

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