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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance, Cheap Auto Insurance Top Strategies

Is your Insurance company insuring your vehicle with cheap car insurance rates?  When it comes to cheap insurance we want the focus to be on your rate, not the amount of coverage you have.  With the number of vehicles on the roads today, it’s best to get good quality auto insurance but at a price you can afford.  Today we’ll discuss some of the best ways to turn that annoying insurance bill into a cheap insurance cost that will be more convenient to your budget.

So how do you get cheap car insurance rates for the coverage you need. Below are some of the top tips and strategies used by even those within the industry who want to get the coverage pthey need for a cheap car insurance rate:

Extending your Car Insurance Term:

Many companies are now offering cheaper auto insurance rates to those who select an annual policy vs a typical 6 month policy.  The good thing about the annual policy is your locked in rates.  With a six month policy you run the risk of getting a rate increase.  However that can go the other direction.  If you expect a couple tickets to fall off your 3 year history within the next six months, it’s best to select the 6 month policy with anticipation that your rates will be reduced for the following 6 months.  This will also be a good time to re-shop your car insurance with other Carriers.

Alarm Systems and Devices

Many of the newer models come with installed car security devices.  Car alarms are usually pretty cheap and can really be effective against most criminals.  Most car thieves would rather just go on to the next unprotected vehicle than have to deal with finding the kill switch to your blaring alarm.  With statistical data insurance companies see a significant decrease in loss for vehicles with alarms installed compared to vehicles without.  You can get an active alarm system installed for about $200.  If you save $200 a year on your auto insurance it will feel like your alarm system was free!

Cheap Car Insurance with Multiple Car and Multi-Line Policies

It’s no secret, insurance companies love your business and they would like to sell as many products or services to you as they can.  The more you need to insure, the more they will like you as a client and that’s where discounts may be applied.  If you own two or more cars you’ll be eligible for the multi-car discount.  The rate will come down for both the first car and second car once placed on the same policy.  If you own a home they would love nothing more than for you to insure your home and vehicle with them.  To give you an incentive the Insurance company will give another generous discount for insuring both your vehicle(s) and home with their company.  One statistic insurance companies have found is, the more insurance they provide to you, the less likely you’ll switch companies.  With both discounts, the multi-car and multi-line discount, in place you will find the coverage your need at a cheap car insurance rate.

Understand your Insurance Coverage

If you vehicle is old or less expensive, you may want to go with liability only.  If you feel more comfortable with collision and comprehensive coverage added to your policy you may want to consider higher deductibles.  This will show the company you will not file claims on small damages.  When something major happens you do want to have the deductible amount saved in the event you must file a claim.  With that in mind if you cannot come up quickly with $1,000 you may want to go with a lower deductible.  However, just keep in mind the higher deductible will help you get a car insurance that’s cheap compared to the price of a policy with low deductible amounts.

Electronic Funds Transfer:

Companies have to pay for attendents to take your payment over the phone or by mail.  When you select to have your premium deducted right out of your checking account, you eliminate this need from them.  If they’re working less because of your payment arrangement shouldn’t you be paying less.  Of course!  This is why most insurance companies will discount your rate for switching your payments to EFT.  This is one change you can make today to get the cost of your car insurance reduced to a cheaper insurance rate.

Shop Around for Cheap Car Insurance

Rating Drivers is a complicated process performed by the Insurer.  It’s one process that changes periodically.  If you compared quotes from several companies a year ago, there’s a very good chance quotes performed this year will not be the same.  First of all you’re one year older which is usually a good thing when it comes to rating, tickets may have fell off or been added to your record, you may have moved, you may be driving a different vehicle or you may be driving less miles this year than you did last year. Most companies will offer a discounted rate for driving less than 7000 miles a year.  So many factors play a role in what your car insurance rate will be.  It’s always good to shop around from time to time if you want the cheap car insurance rate you deserve.

Ways to Compare Quotes for Cheap Insurance Rates

Comparing insurance quotes is one of the best ways to obtain a cheap car insurance policy.  We provides 3 ways to shop for cheap car insurance.  Our system allows you all the following strategies and methods to comparing cheap car insurance quotes.

Compare car insurance quotes online. Insured drivers looking for a cheaper car insurance rate can compare several companies side-by-side in order to get a policy from the company offering the coverage at the cheapest price.

Get quotes from multiple local agents in your area. This selection will get several agents in your area working for you to provide you quotes that you can compare between multiple local Agencies.

Request a quote from the local independent agent you select.  Local independent Agents have the ability to find you cheap car insurance by comparing rates between several providers they represent. 

Begin comparing auto insurance quotes the way you prefer to shop.

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