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Saturday, 12 June 2004

For all your insurance needs, applying for a multiple rate quote the best way to find the lowest insurance rate online. Choose your coverage below to easily compare rates from leading companies with only having to fillout a single form.

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Finding a low carinsurance or a health insurance thatisn't going to blow your budgetcan be a challenge. Knowing the proper resources will be helpful. Within this website you?ll find tips and resources to help you obtain and maintain low costinsurance.

Finding Low Cost CarInsurance

The Search is on. The best thing to do first is get familiar with auto insurance. Below is some useful informationposted toprepare you in your search for lower auto insurance rates.

Choosing An InsuranceDeductable that fits you financially:

With most insurance policies both health and auto, a higher deductible will indeed lower the premium rate. However, It isa good idea to choose a deductible amount you can easily have available to you in case of an accident. Nobody wants to take publictransportation due to choosingan unaffordableinsurance deductible.

Keep in mind the vehicle you're insuring:

If you have an older car, the savings may not be as much compared to the savings you'll see with a higher deductible on a newer car. If you have an older car and finances are tight, it may be worth it for you to only pay for the state minimum insurance coverage required. Note: To do this, the car must not be financed.

How about towing:

Most insurance policies will add towing coverage automatically. This is something you have the option of go without. Keep your eyes on the gas gauge and keep a spare tire in the trunk. If you still find yourself needing a towing service, you'll probably pay about $100. I took a recent poll among a small group and found that most, on average, found themselves needing a tow once every ten years. If your concerned about the towing expense, stash $2 in the glove box once a month. By the time you need a tow, you'll probably have the money saved (hopefully hidden well).

Rental Car Coverage:

To lower the rate more, consider dropping the rental car coverage also. An economy rental car goes for about $30 in case you need it. I'd rather pay for it if I need it, not continually pay for it on my policy whether I use it or not. I feel the same way about rental car coverage as I do with towing coverage, just an added expense better left off of the insurance policy.

When Shopping for a New Car:

To make sure you can get a low cost car insurance rate, when shopping for a new car, compare insurance rates before making that purchase. Insurance premiums can vary by hundreds depending on the car make and model. Why is this? Some cars are considered dangerous, fast and unsafe. Some cars are considered unreliable while others are seen as higher risks to theft.

Ask a local insurance company discount questions:

For a lower rate you may also want to ask the insurance providers about driving courses you can take for additional discounts. There are a couple companies who give you the option to watch a 30 minute safety video for a 10% discount. The best way to learn how to save more is to ask the provider you choose to work with.

Insurance paid in bulk:

Last but not least, try to extend your payment intervals by at least 6 months. The more you can pay up front, the more you will save.

Things to know, things to remember.

There are a few more valuable things to know before applying for a car insurance quote online. Remember, auto collision coverage is an option, not a requirement. This goes for most states within the U.S. However, if you are financing your car, lending institutions require proof of auto insurance collision coverage. Collision covers damage to your car, but not the damage to any other car you may hit in an auto accident.

The other car you hit is covered by your liability coverage.
Some drivers who own a car, no longer financed, choose to get liability only or (the state minimum). The reason behind this is lower premiums.

If you would like more auto insurance coverage and discount information visit our auto insurance page found here.

Low Income Health Insurance

When shoppingfor a low costhealth insurance rate first things first, are there any programs that will work with the household income? For Arizona Health insurance, you may want to look into Access and other Government programs. If ineligible for Access, the next step would be to look into the Kids Care program. Kids who currently have no health insurance are likely to be eligible whether or not you are working.The states have different eligibility rules. In most states, uninsured children 18 years old and younger can be covered. For Arizon, families must only earn up to $34,100 a year (for a family of four)to beeligible. "Read more" for additional information regarding low income health insurance in your state.

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