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Insurance Tips for Auto Insurance in Illinois

As with any product, it is crucial you price-comparison shop before signing up for a policy. Insurance is an expensive commodity and this will give you a chance to calculate how much insurance you need on your vehicle, the damage that must be insured against and the price. Get several estimates. Do not allow yourself to be rushed by high-pressuring insurance agents. When it comes to words of advertising whether written in hard copy, online, on television or on the radio, they are not always true. Endorsements by celebrities are not always accurate either.

Ask questions until you comprehend what is being purchased and for what coverage. Request that details be clarified in layman’s terms. If there are examples or calculations beyond your understanding, do not be intimidated or refused an explanation you can understand. You can expect insurance to cost and if the low cost is unbelievable, it is probably not true. A word of caution dictates understanding everything and then signing for the policy. If you misrepresent or leave out relevant details, the insurance company can void your policy.

What is covered by a standard Illinois homeowners’ policy?

Your homeowner’s insurance policy should provide a comprehensive package of benefits. Payment is dependent on a specific loss being covered in your particular policy. Each policy may contain differences. If an earthquake is the reason your house was damaged, you would have to have specific earthquake coverage. If an earthquake makes it uninhabitable, the insurance will not pay for you to stay elsewhere while you house is being repaired. Go over each detail with your insurance agent.

The following may or may not be covered in your policy:

1. Damage to the dwelling and an attached garage or any other attached structures. It would include coverage for plumbing, electrical wiring, heating system and an installed air-conditioning system. This means a window unit air conditioner would not be covered.
2. Free-standing structures on your land. This would cover any damage to a tool shed, freestanding garage, guest house and your fences.
3. Personal property coverage pays for the value of furniture, electronic equipment, appliances, clothes and other possessions. It also covers personal property that is off-site, in a storage locker or in your child’s dorm room at college.
4. If you have loss of use, the coverage will pay for your rent in another place while the home is being repaired.
5. Personal liability pays for financial losses if someone sues you and you are judged legally responsible for damage or injury to another individual.
6. Payment for medical procedures needed by people having an accident and being hurt while on your land or in your home. Also covers injuries caused by a pet, for one example.

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