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Cheap Car Insurance
Written by Web Master
Saturday, 12 July 2007

Finding cheap car insurance is easy for the most part. It is the preparation that can be time consuming. If your looking to get a cheap car insurance, many factors come into play. Before I begin, if your interested in getting a multiple rate quote you can be clicking on the link below.

Cheap Car insurance and age:

Lets talk about age. Age is a big factor in whether you will come out satisfied in the search for a low premium. If your 16 and looking for a low cost insurance on your new Mustang your making payments on, forget it. Young Drivers need to prove themselves for a few years before they even see a cut in thier insurance costs. Is this unfair? Kinda, but hey, that's just the way it goes. As young drivers get older thier auto insurance may go down. However, 9 times out 10 you'll end up having to pay for health insurance for the family. Believe me, it can get expensive. And that is why we are here. Stepping in as an online channel to force insurance companies to compete for your business. Basic economics. The more competition, the lower the price on goods and services. For a cheap car insurance quote click here to begin.

Cheap Car Insurance and your record.

Of course your driving record will affect your insurance costs. In some cases it may even affect whether you'll be able to get insurance. Not too long ago when I was in my teens I owned a little Celica GTS and I loved to speed. Now Im 27 and Im barely seeing my rates getting back to what they should be. By the time I was 20 I had 13 violations on my record. I had to forget the idea of ever financing a car because insurance alone was quoted at 400 a month for any newer car. So what did I end up doing at the age of 21? I purchased a Used!...Turbo charged eagle talon and threw liability only on it. Racked up a few more tickets. You live and learn. Now Im in the all insurance friendly nissan maxima. Will the type of car gauge how cheap your car insurance will be? Definately, insurance companies basically build a premium for you depending on the risk they will have to put out in case of an accident. So generally a faster car will appear through statistics and personal judgements to be more risky then your typical family mini van. Who would you trust more on the streets? The kid with a camaro or the middle aged driver with a Prius.

Good Credit = Cheaper car insurance

So it's been said...Bad credit affects insurance rates. I haven't seen this personally affect my rates lately but hey, A Rumor isn't a Rumor if it doesn't Die. I keep hearing it here and there so here we go with but another reason to keep an eye on your credit. It's amazing how much you'll save in the long run if you put your credit first. I'm talking thousands a year.

Last Updated ( Monday, 17 September 2007 )