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    Health Insurance Options In Nevada

    Comparison shopping is key to low health insurance!
    We give you a choice between reviewing online health insurance rate comparisons, or you may request multiple quotes from Nevada Agents.

    Nevada health insurance can be expensive, sometimes as expensive as $500 a month. What can you do to get a low cost health insurance in Nevada? One thing you can do is compare quotes to see who will give you the coverage you need at the most competitive rate. A couple things to consider are the deductible amounts and the office visit expenses. Finding a state funded health program is the other option if you fit within the Program guidelines.

    Nevada Low Income Health Insurance:

    To qualify for this Nevada benefit program, you must be a resident of Nevada, under 19 years old and not covered by health insurance within the last six months. You also must have an annual household income before taxes of less than $20,800 if a single person lives in the family household:

    $28,000 if two people
    $35,200 if three people
    $42,400 if four people
    $49,600 if five people
    $56,800 if six people
    $64,000 if seven people
    $71,200 if eight people
    $71,200 if nine people
    $85,600 if 10 people
    $92,800 if 11 people
    $100,000 if 12 people
    $107,200 if more than 12 people

    Application Process
    For more information, call 800-360-6044