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Auto Insurance in Florida

Purchasing coverage for motorized land vehicles, for example passenger cars, pickup trucks, vans and motorcycles is required by law. Your policy should cover damages to, or loss of, the vehicle congruent with the cost of repair or replacement, the actual cash value or a value mutually agreed upon by the agent and the potentially insured. Loss and liability, along with maintenance expenses or operating costs, surgical, hospitalization and other medical costs are also covered. A policy will cover death benefits to surviving family members and funeral expenses if they occur as a result of riding in, or entering or exiting and being hit by another car. This coverage and terms of what are included will be detailed in the liability insurance contract.

The insurance covers injury or death of the driver and passengers. Any coverage out of the ordinary must be detailed in the policy. A private passenger car cannot be rented out to another individual as the insurance coverage would be voided by doing so. It would then be designated a livery or rented vehicle.

Personal injury protection (PIP) is called private passenger no-fault auto coverage.

Private passenger auto liability covers the insured when physical injury or harm is done to property with the exception of damage to the vehicle.

Private passenger comprehensive covers damages caused by a collision that involves damage to the vehicle.

Florida Homeowners Policies

Homeowners’ insurance is a specific kind of coverage on property. It covers damage that occurs as the result of theft, vandalism, fire and storm. This kind of property insurance provides protection against accidental injury or death caused by the insured driver who is legally responsible. A homeowners’ policy must be taken out at the time a mortgage lender approves the mortgage loan for the new homeowner.

A standard insurance policy for the homeowner covers several components:

1. Insurance covering a home
2. Insurance covering additional structures on the property
3. Insurance covering personal property in the home or on the property
4. Insurance covering interim living quarters while the home is repaired
5. Insurance covering personal liability
6. Insurance covering medical expenses for others

Exclusions to the standard policy

The homeowners’ insurance can pertain to a house; however, it can also cover other structures including rental units along with the tenants and those who own condominiums.

Florida Insurance News & Updates

It certainly appears so. However, Rick Scott, Governor of Florida, told health officials on Friday that he is not convinced that a state health exchange will reduce the cost for the state of Florida. He also is worried that that actual costs could very well exceed this programs early estimates. In an attempt to help [...]
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Posted: November 20, 2012, 7:06 pm

Florida Health Insurance

For Low Income Health Insurance in Florida we found The Florida KidCare to be a good place to start in your search for family health insurance. With programs like this you’ll be glad to know your children are covered at an affordable price. If you find your not eligible for this program you may want to compare quotes online to find the coverage you need at a price that falls within your budget.