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Cheap Insurance in Georgia (GA)

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Georgia Auto Insurance

Automobile Insurance Coverage Mandatory in Georgia

Motor vehicle operators in the state of Georgia must purchase automotive liability insurance. The lowest amount they are required to carry is as follows, which entitles them to use the public highways and roads. They must carry $25,000 for each individual’s bodily injury, up to $50,000 per accident. The liability for property damage must be $25,000 per incident. This entitles drivers to operate on the roads and highways in Georgia. This coverage is needed to cover the harm done to the driver of the other car when the policy holder is negligent in the case of accident. It protects him in a case of someone suing him for being at fault.

Insurance for physical damage includes damage or loss to the automobile. There are two kinds of this, which is also called a comprehensive policy. It covers loss due to theft, fire and vandalism to your car. The type called collision coverage, covers your vehicle if caused damage in an accident. Law doesn’t require you to have this insurance. However, if you owe money on your car, the bank or finance company will require it to protect their interest should you be in an accident.

There is uninsured motorist insurance that can be added to a policy. This covers the damage if you have an accident with a driver who has broken the law by not carrying liability insurance. He or she may also have let their policy lapse accidentally. Uninsured motorist coverage would pay for what another driver’s policy would have covered if it had been in effect when a collision took place.

Homeowners’ insurance in Georgia

Georgia homeowner’s insurance is not legally required. However the financial institution or bank will require it to be in place before granting the mortgage loan. It covers loss and damage to the home, contents of the home and pays for the homeowner to live elsewhere if the home is not habitable during the time repairs are being made. It also protects him from claims against him by relatives who live in the house with him and acts of negligence committed by other persons living in the household.

You can seek advice from your insurance agent. Usually, you are better off insuring your house at full replacement cost. You would not want to insure it for less than 80 percent of its replacement value. This type of policy will not take depreciation into account. It will pay for everything to be replaced. The full replacement applies to the home only.

Georgia Insurance News & Updates

Georgia Car Shoppers, Be Careful...

Sam Olens, Attorney General of Georgia, issued a consumer alert notice as a warning to those in the market to buy a used vehicle. Be careful not to purchase flood-damaged vehicles due to our recent Superstorm Sandy

Many cars that were flooded were written off by insurance companies to be either "totaled" or "salvage". Keep in mind, this may not appear on the title.

Thing to look out for are vehicles with a musty odor, faded fabric, metal that may prematurely flake, rust, and mud and grit that may found within crevices where it normally wouldn't reach. This release also encourages shoppers to check the dashboard, trunk, inner doors, engine and under seats. Visit the link below for the full release.

Posted: December 5, 2012, 4:18 pm

Georgia Health Insurance

For Low Income Health Insurance in Georgia we found The Georgia PeachCare for Kids to be a good place to start in your search for family health insurance. With programs like this you’ll be glad to know your children are covered at an affordable price. Georgia PeachCare for Kids began insuring children back in 1999, providing comprehensive health care to children through the age of 18. Coverage is provided to families who has incomes at or below 235% of the Federal poverty level.