Group Summary

The company was founded by Kengo Maekawa on April 1, 2008.


Employees : 85  (As of January 2016)
Included members:
・Certified Public Accountant
・Certified Public Tax Accountant
・Licensed Social Insurance & Labor Consultant
・Administrative Scriveners
・Marine Procedure Commission Agent
・Additional members who have passed CPA & Tax Accountant examinations
・Administrative Support Staff


・Shiodome Partners (JP) Co., Limited
・Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation
・Shiodome Partners Law Firm
・Shiodome Partners HR Office
・Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Law Firm
・Shiodome Sea Agency Firm
・Shiodome Partners (HK) Co., Limited
・Shiododome Partners (Singapore) Pte., Limited
・Shiodome Partners (USA) Inc.

Client base

Over 500 companies (group total as of July 2015)


Industry / business type

Company size (in hundred million JPY)




Japanese subsidiary net sales:  1 ~ 50(Consolidated net sales: 3,000 )




Japanese subsidiary net sales: 100(Consolidated net sales: 3,600 )




Japanese subsidiary net sales: 150(Consolidated net sales: 2 billion )


Office service


Net sales: 200


Public information system


Consolidated net sales: 1,500


IT service


Consolidated net sales: 100


Information service sector


Consolidated net sales: 10


Software/ Media streaming


Consolidated net sales: 20


Application development


Consolidated net sales: 100

Data mining


Net sales: 300

Shiodome Partners Group

5th Floor, Shiodome Superior Building, 1-7-10 Shimbashi
Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0004

03-6228-5505 (+81)

PKF International

PKF JAPAN is part of the PKF International (PKFI) global network of companies that provide accounting and business advisory services to commercial institutions across the world. PKF International was founded in 1969, starting with member firms based in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and Australia. Our global organization has expanded considerably since then, and we now maintain offices in most major cities around the world.

PKF Hibiki Audit Corporation and PKF Shiodome Partners are upstanding member firms within the PKF International organization. We cooperate in the provision of all audit, accounting, and business advisory services for domestic and international clients.

Our Focus

1. Customization
・Software Options
・Report Options
・On-site Bookkeeping Options
・Bilingual Bookkeeping

2. One Stop
・Access to a range of specialized professionals:
- CPA, Certified Tax Accountants, Administrative Scriveners, Certified Labor and Social Insurance Consultants, Lawyers etc.
- Not needing to bounce from firm to firm = time and cost savings

3. Quality
・Access to each of our members core competencies and certifications.
・Integration of our departments allows for efficient data flow and accuracy, all while maintaining consistency.
・Multiple checks & professional advice

4. Flexibility
・We specialize in SME’S, but we are capable of handling private businesses or even large enterprises.
・Our customers are from a wide range of industries including IT, Health & Beauty, Art & Design, Airline Companies, Finance, Restaurant etc.

Jul 2007

Maekawa CPA Office was established in Minato-ku (by Kengo Maekawa, the Group CEO)

Apr 2008

Maekawa CPA Office changed its name to Shiodome Partners Accounting Firm. Shiodome Partners Limited was established for accounting consultant services.

Nov 2008

Shiodome Certified Social Insurance & Labor Consultant Firm was established by Makoto Imai

Jan 2009

Shiodome Partners Law Firm was established by Hideki Sato

Feb 2009

Koguchi Sea Agency Firm was established by Taiki Koguchi

Mar 2009

Shiodome Gyoseishoshi Lawyer Firm was established by Kengo Maekawa

Sep 2009

HQ relocated to Shinbashi, Minato-ku

Mar 2010

Koguchi Sea Agency Firm changed its name to Shiodome Sea Agency Firm

Aug 2012

Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation was established by a merger between “Shiodome Partners Accounting Firm” and “Ryuta Sato CPTA office”.

Dec 2012

Shiodome Partners Tax Corporation Okinawa office was established

Mar 2014

Shiodome Partners (USA) Inc. was established in Hawaii