Bank Account Set-up Services

Company formation without a Local Representative Director

Company FormationWhen setting up a new company in Japan, one of the shareholders or directors must hold a personal bank account in Japan for the initial capital registration.

To have a personal bank account, the holder must be a long-term resident of Japan with eligible residential status.

In cases where this requirement is not attainable, we offer alternative options for registering the initial paid-in capital with a separate bank account that we use for incorporation procedures.

Corporate Bank Account Set-up Services for a Japanese Subsidiary
(without a Local Representative Director)

In principle, the availability of a local representative who has a residency in Japan (for instance, a Japanese national or a foreign national who has a business manager visa or permanent residency) is a prerequisite to opening a corporate bank account.

Here at Shiodome Partners Group, we offer corporate bank account set-up services for any company that does not have a local representative director, subject to our screening procedures.

The Process of the Screening Procedures

  1. Shiodome Partners sends an incorporation questionnaire to the client.
  2. The client returns a business plan and the financial statements of the parent company, along with the completed questionnaire.
  3. Once the review of the documentation is successful, Shiodome Partners will accept the case for the opening of a bank account with affiliated banks without the presence of local directors.

Shiodome Partners may reserve the right to decline the application depending on the assessment results derived from the business plan and the parent company’s financial statements.

Our Bank Account Set-up Services allow a company to conduct the corporate bank account opening procedures without needing to travel to Japan.

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